Windmill World
Basic Info
Effects None
Map Type

Medium, Looping

Events None
Notable NPCS

Cube Guru
The Fisherman

Connecting Areas

The Sewers (One Way arrive)
The Docks A (One Way access)
Block World (One Way access)



Chipset / Panorama


Windmill World BGM

Parallax background in the Windmill World

The Windmill World is an area that can only be accessed by getting eaten by Big Red in the Sewers.

Point of InterestEdit

The Windmill World is quite small and has many windmills around. There are two NPCs found in it, the Cube Guru and the The Fisherman. Interacting with the Cube Guru will make its head spin around while interacting with the Fisherman will send you one way to The Docks A. There is a building complex within the map of the Windmill World. The door in one of the buildings will lead you one way to the Block World.


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