White Desert B
Basic Info
Effects None
Map Type

Large, Looping

Events Takofuusen
Notable NPCS

The Thing with the Quivering Jaw
Vomiting Diglett
Roary Straw

Connecting Areas

Dense Woods B (inside)
FC Dungeon (outside)
White Desert A (One Way access)



Chipset / Panorama


White Desert BGM

White Desert B looks the similar to White Desert A, they are both entirely black and white. It is separated into 2 parts by mountains. Inside the ring of mountains there are no NPCs, because the NPCs are in the underground tunnel.

Points of InterestEdit

  • The Dense Woods manhole leads to Roary Straw which has its appearance changed by how long you have been walking on the infinitely looping road.
  • Climb up to the surface and you will be in a place that is surrounded by mountains with an entrance resembling a man's head. You can enter its right ear.
  • Entering the ear, you will be in a cave which has a single pathway. In the middle there is a huge monster which is known as the Brain Creature. Pressing and holding the up arrow key will make the camera pan up so you can see its full appearance.
  • If you keep walking along the path you will come out from a Buddha's left ear, and meet a giant monster called The Thing with the Quivering Jaw.
  • If you came from the FC Dungeon, you will arrive at the Underground Lagoon which has a moving shadow arm.
  • If you keep going up the stairway, you will be on the outside of the ring of mountains, which has nothing but a floating stair path and a tunnel near the entrance that has a path you can follow. Following the path will send you through a one way teleport to White Desert A's tunnel that is spraying lots of water.
  • From outside of the mountains, you can see the red tentacle from Roary Straw, but can't see the entrance that looks like a head in the center.
  • The outside of White Desert B is potentially the most difficult location to reach without a walkthrough in this game. This is because you need to go through 2 different mazes: the Teleport Maze and the FC Dungeon.

Connecting AreasEdit

  • FC Dungeon
    • White Desert Underground Lagoon
      • White Desert B
        • White Desert A (One Way) - Follow the path from the steps into the tunnel
  • Dense Woods B (The Road)
    • White Desert B (Confined)
      • The Place (Cave?) Where the Thing With The Quivering Jaw is


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