Warpo and Loople
ブロック群の兄弟 (The siblings from the group of blocks)
Location Teleport Maze
Role None
Size Standard
Effect Reaction Cat: Drawn towards Madotsuki

Knife: Scream and Disappear
Stoplight: Freeze

Warpo and Loople are two similar NPCs that can be found in the Teleport Maze, standing on seperate blocks.


They have red bodies, yellow feet, cube-like forms on top and in the middle of their body an eight. The four thin shapes sticking out from their sides alternate in length.

The red colour of their bodies changes from light red to dark red while they walk in place to the beat of the BGM. In the same vein, the red and yellow pixels inside the cubes and eights change places during their walk cycle, giving the impression that the characters flash on and off, glow or glitter.

While sharing several design and animation quirks, they also possess unique features to their own.


Warpo is shorter and also more animated. The eight itself keeps bending and changing form, while the red and yellow pixels inside the eight flip rapidly. The cubes float on top of Warpo's head, moving from side to side.

Loople animation

Loople is taller and thin, and the cubes on top resemble ears. Unlike Warpo's cubes, these cubes do not appear to float. Additionally, the red and yellow pixels inside the eight flip at regular intervals, making the whole animation appear calmer. Loople has a round shape in their face that changes to a heart shape when lit up.

They show the typical reactions to Cat, Knife and Stoplight Effects, but ignore you otherwise.


To arrive to Warpo's location, you need to go right, right, down, right, right and left from the start. To arrive to Loople's location, you need to go right, right and left.


  • Due to the electronic BGM, their general design and animation quirks, they resemble robots.
  • As the BGM is 50% speed of the Aztec Rave Monkey's BGM, the characters flashing up may also be a reference to said event.


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