• UncreativeUser

    I was wandering around today and noticed that there is a boardwalk on the other side of where the fisherman is in the docks, and I was wondering how to reach it. However, when looking at the wiki's map of the docks this boardwalk didn't appear to connect to anywhere else. Is it inaccessible? If so, I can think of how to get to it with the noclip glitch (go to lamp world in number world, interact with short lamp that leads to closet madotsuki, fly over to nearby toringen and get caught, which sends you to the docks.)

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  • UncreativeUser

    this annoys me

    October 8, 2017 by UncreativeUser

    A random floating pixel in the hot spring house. just thought I would point this out. does this count as a glitch?

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  • UncreativeUser

     The stabbing room always felt a bit weird to me, all that work for some weird blue face structure? You can move the NPC in front of the door to the room away with the cat effect... and I don't think it ends there. There is one extra NPC sized space in the room (enough to accomadate it's inhabtints, madotsuki, and one other), meaning that the wheelies in this room will slowly move out of you way, like a sliding tile puzzle. It might be possible to reach the blue thing at the end of the room without the knife effect, and I kind of wonder what might happen if we do. What do you guys think?

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  • UncreativeUser

    Note: google translate was used, I also removed any non-japanese characters, so you will have to add things like fc and 002 back into the translation. I may be able to get a better translation later.

    debug room = テストマップ1 = test map

    fc world glitch = FCダンジョン002? = dungeon

    player start pos map = ゲームスタート = game start

    madot irl room = 現実の部屋 = real room

    madot irl balcony = ベランダ= verdana

    madot dream room = 夢の部屋 = dream room

    madot dream balcony A = 夢ベランダA = a dream verdana

    madot dream balcony B = 夢ベランダB = a dream verdana

    nexus = 扉部屋 = door room

    forest world = ■01かえる = frog

    block world = ■02帽子マフ = hat muff

    poddle world = ■03かさ = umbrella

    dark world = ■04包丁 = knife

    snow world = ■05雪女 = snow woman

    painting world = ■06髪型 = hair style

    graffiti world = ■07自転車 = bicy…

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  • UncreativeUser

    Title says it all. Iv'e been trying to add catagories to neon world and when I reload the page, there gone.

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