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    Stupid Theories 2.0

    April 5, 2012 by Ponico

    Madotsuki has to enter him when she wants to go to her room/ her home.So I can speculate that Kyukyukun was a stalker or/ and a perverse. Maybe he allways waited at the same place for her. Of the movement of his armes i can image that he allways show Madotsuki some perserse things when she had to enter him on her way home. As a perverse her allways laughted and smiled at her and wanted her to go with him to his home and to rape her.

    But whe he was only a perverse and not a stalker - he may met Madotsuki only randomly (A reason why you can find him randomly), took her at her hand and went with her to his home. They had to went upstairs and then he raped her - so I can explain why FACE was behind the door.

    (BTW: Did you know that this sipper a…

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