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    December 31, 2012 by Mt.kiki

    Circle Name "Mt.kiki" in 火星ピクニック2 - 2013/10/27

    SPARK8@東ホール6も33b in 火星ピクニック2 - 2013/10/27

    Japanese Translation from 火星ピクニック2 (PICNIC IN MARS 2) - 2013/9/28

    Circle Cut "Mt.kiki" in COMIC CITY SPARK8  - 2013/9/13

    A comprehensive "Wikipedia" and "Youtube" to everything from "Yume Nikki Wiki" - 2013/7/7

    'NAME' is a series by Mt.kiki, detailing their theories of the game. - 2012/12/31


    漢字(ひらがな) Kanji (Hiragana) 記号
    踊り字 (おどりじ) Iteration mark (ODORI-JI)
    木々 (きき) Mangaka (KIKI) KIKI
    山 (やま) Mountain (YAMA) Mt.
    木々山 (ききやま) Mountain-Kiki (KIKIYAMA) MT.KIKI


    Roma Japanese (Hiragana) English
    Majo no Takkyūbin 魔女の宅急便 (まじょのたっきゅうびん) Kiki's Delivery Service
    KI 木 (き) Tree
    KIKI 木木 Trees
    Hayashi 林 (はやし) Forest
    YAMA 山 (やま) Mountain
    KIKIYAMA 木木山 Trees Mountain

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