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  • IggyAndPkmn

    Ha, I doubt if anyone going to read this, but I just found some things in Yume Nikki that I thought were interesting...thought that maybe it could help for supporting theories and whatnot...

    So first, did anyone else notice that the puddles of blood next to the mouth monsters were the exact same puddles that were used for the ending of Yume Nikki, when Madotsuki jumped off the building and a puddle of blood was seen at the end? I donno, just thought that was strange.

    Oh and...I don't want to be perverted...but I thought some of the the sewer drawings could support theories like "Madotsuki was raped" or "Madotsuki is transgender" (which, I must say, is a pretty terrible theory in my opinion. There's too much trying to symbolize totally obscur…

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