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  • GreenToxic

    Okay, so this may seem a little weird to you guys, but I think this is weird. On the List of Characters is says that only Madotsuki, Monoe and Monoko have official names and that makes sense. Madotsuki's name is seen directly in the menu, while Monoe and Monoko's names are found from their picture files. Why? Why does it say that? I have RPG Maker 2003 myself, and I've looked through the files of Yume Nikki. Everything has names! The sound effects! The maps! The pictures! Even the events! Why hasn't ANYONE even translated them? They're right there, all in the text. Why hasn't anyone tried to do this? The game has been out for over 10 years. I would do this myself but I don't have the Japanese version of RPG Maker, so everything is gibberis…

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  • GreenToxic

    Hello everyone!! I am here to let you all know that TODAY is Yume Nikki's 13th birthday!! It's amazing that we have came this far in such a short time. Yume Nikki is an amazing game that needs to be recognized more, and hopefully it will be for years to come. Hopefully one of these days we get an exciting update or something, or we finally figure out who KIKIYAMA is or something like that!! That would be amazing. Everyone, post a picture to celebrate. Another ting, and this is a question: how did you all discover Yume Nikki, and when? Maybe I'll post my answer. Thanks to all of you for your support through the years, and may Madotsuki live on!! The dream isn't over!!

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