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Flowchart of all the locations (Some alternate names used)

Yume Nikki is a game consisting of many interconnected locations that vary wildly in theme and size. One of the goals of the game is to visit them all and witness the many events that take place there.

The dream world is an intricate labyrinth of openly looping regions and obscure pathways, but most regions of the game can be considered as part of an individual 'world' with connections to other worlds.

This is a list of all the central worlds of Yume Nikki. Note that in this wiki, the commonly-accepted fan names are used as the regions of the game have no official name.

The Real World

Madotsuki's Room

Yn card madoroom
The place Madotsuki starts in, both in the real world and the dream world.

The Original Locations

The Nexus

Yn card nexus t
A hub containing doors leading to Madotsuki's Bedroom and the 12 original locations.

Number World

Yn card numb t
One of the most notable and unsettling places in the game. The floor is adorned with numbers, and odd creatures inhabit the area. KyuuKyuu-kun and the FACE event can be found here.

Neon World

Yn card neon t
A labyrinthine area inhabited by many colorful creatures, Neon World is rather difficult to navigate. The Neon effect can be found here.

Shield-folk World

Yn card shieldfolk t
The home of the rather lethargic Shield-folk; the Cat effect is located here. There's also a portal leading to an invisible maze.

Candle World

Yn card candle t
A world filled with, indeed, candles. The Midget effect can be obtained from a little dwarf creature, and an unusually swift Toriningen loiters near a bed.

Eyeball World

Yn card eyeball t
A world filled with eyeballs and disembodied limbs. The Medamaude effect can be gained from one of the grasping arms.

Graffiti World

Yn card graffiti t
Musical Tiles World
A colorful world with floor tiles that chime when tread upon. When seen from a distance, the tiles form an Aztec-themed mosaic. The Bicycle effect can be found here, as well as the entrance to the Mall and the women's restroom.

Mural World

Yn card mural t
A world filled with murals. The entrance to the Sewers is here, as well as the Blonde Hair and Long Hair effects.

Snow World

Yn card snow t
A snowy world with evergreen trees and igloos. A Yuki-onna (snow woman) grants you the Yuki-onna effect.

Dark World

Yn card dark t
A pitch-black world that requires the Lamp effect to see. The Knife effect is found within.

Puddle World

Yn card puddle t
A dark, unremarkable world filled with puddles and lamp posts. The Umbrella effect can be found here.

Block World

Yn card block t
A world full of blocks. That's right, block world is full of blocks. The Hat and Scarf effect lies inside, along with the men's restroom and an entrance to the White Desert.

Forest World

Yn card forest t
A forested area that contains the Frog effect and odd blob creatures that can be interacted with. The Face Carpet Plaza can be found inside.

Deeper Locations


Yn card hell t
Red Maze
A massive crimson labyrinth with many branching pathways filled with Toriningen. There are many connections to other areas, as well as a creature from the Footprint Path and a somewhat out of place vending machine.

FC World

Yn card FC t
A group of areas where the game's graphics change to resemble an 8-bit game such as 'Mother' or 'Final Fantasy.'

White Desert

Yn card desert t
A monochrome land notable for the sheer amount of strange characters and events found within.

The Mall

Yn card mall t
A somewhat gloomy complex, vague resembling a shopping mall, with avenues of mostly inaccessible buildings. Escalators lead to different floors.

The Wilderness

Yn card wilderness t
A vast expanse of curly plants and arid soil, reviled for being very difficult to navigate. Many things, such as the Toriningen Party, the Aztec Rave Monkey, the Barracks Settlement, and the Towel effect hide inside.

Barracks Settlement

Yn card barracks t
A small town located in the Wilderness filled with shacks and telephone poles. Pirori wander the streets, and one shack houses a strange creature.

Sky Garden

Yn card skygarden t
A park on top of a massive Aztec pyramid. Numerous NPCs can be found here, and the Falling Man event occurs while ascending the pyramid.

Ghost World

Yn card ghost t
Accessed through the flowery tunnel in the Sky Garden, this bleak, featureless area houses the Triangle Kerchief effect.

The Sewers

Yn card sewers t
The Sewers can be reached through a manhole in the Mural World. There are holes in the walls that will display curious drawings when interacted with. The Nopperabou effect and Big Red wait inside.

Windmill World

Yn card windmill t
A small, unremarkable area reached via Big Red's gaping maw, in the Sewers. The Cube Guru and The Fisherman can both be found here, with the latter taking you to the Docks.

The Docks

Yn card docks t
This area is divided into two sections, one accessible from Hell, the other from Big Red. The Fat effect can be found in the former section, while a vending machine can be found in the latter.

Pink Sea

Yn card shoal t
Pastel Shoal World
Found through one of the igloos in Snow world, this area houses Poniko, as well as numerous colored balloons that teleport Madotsuki in and out of the water. The Frog effect speeds up movement through the water.

The Underground World

Yn card underground t
A somewhat obscure area accessed through the Staircase of Hands. The Umbrella or Yuki-onna effects are needed to extinguish the flames that block your path. The Poop Hair effect can be found here, along with the entrance to the Spaceship.

The Spaceship

Yn card ship t
Seccom Masada-sensei's strange spaceship will get your ass to Mars.


Yn card mars t
A red, rocky wasteland reached through the Spaceship. Traveling to the left will lead to a small steaming vent on top of a hill. The midget effect can be used to get to the boiler room inside. The UFOs on Mars event can also be seen here.

Static Maze

Yn card static t
An invisible maze that leads to the FC world. Static flashes in the background periodically.

Neon Tile Path

Yn card neontile t
A narrow passage of noisy red and purple neon tiles. It connects the Neon World to Hell.

The Footprint Path

Yn card footprint t
Footprint Passage
A dark road marked by white footprints and riddled with strange creatures. It connects the Eyeball World to Hell.

The Checkered Tile Path

Yn card checkered t
A narrow path connecting the Candle World to Hell. A lunatic Toriningen patrols the area and can be hard to evade.

Face Carpet Plaza

Yn card facecarpet t
Found in-between a pair of pillars in the Forest World, this area connects to Hell. There is a lunatic Toriningen here.

The Teleport Maze

Yn card telmaze t
Cube Maze
A large area full of floating platforms with interconnecting teleporters, the Teleport Maze can be accessed via the Dense Woods. Toriningen may also occasionally drop you off in here.

Guillotine Room

Yn card guillotine t
A small, looping area that houses the Severed Head effect and numeroud lunatic Toriningen. Furthermore, there is a 1 in 8 change that you will end up in a much larger version of this area with eight lunatic Toriningen chasing after you.

The Staircase of Hands

Yn card manosthehandsoffate t
A diagonal staircase found by sleeping in a random bed in the dream world. Going upstairs will wake Madotsuki up, while continuing downstairs will lead to the Underground World.

The Mall Roof

Yn card roof t
The rooftop of the mall, where The Witch's Flight event can be triggered.

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