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    I'm working on a revamp for the characters page and also putting the non-effect NPCs into tables like the effect NPCs. Please pardon the change log spam.

    characters]] Madotsuki meets many different and bizarre characters in her dreams, ranging from ordinary people and animals, through frighteningly weird creatures to giant eldritch monsters.
    The strange behaviour and expressions of the characters in Yume Nikki seem to exhibit certain personality traits. They influence a lot of the atmosphere of the game, even if they don't actually do much at all.

    Many characters play particular role in the game. Some give Madotsuki effects when she interacts with them, whereas others may teleport her to a completely different place. Others may ignore Madotsuki …

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    I've regurgitated a potential redesign for the List of Locations page. It looks like shit but I think someone better than me could really make it work. Thoughts?

    Yume Nikki is a game consisting of many interconnected locations that vary wildly in theme and size. One of the goals of the game is to visit them all and witness the many events that take place there.

    The dream world is an intricate labyrinth of openly looping regions and obscure pathways, but most regions of the game can be considered as part of an individual 'world' with connections to other worlds.

    This is a list of all the central worlds of Yume Nikki. Note that in this wiki, the commonly-accepted fan names are used as the regions of the game have no official name.

    The Real World …

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