Yume Nikki's game files contain some unused content.

Mars Edit

There is an unused door graphic in the tileset of Mars-san's room. It fits perfectly on one of the walls, but it just isn't there.

Mars door

FC World C Edit

A huge part of FC World, known as FC World C, is unreachable. There is also a smaller island with four statues that cannot be reached in any way.


See that opening at the bottom that looks like an exit? That's not an exit.

Graphics for three different FC world trees exist, but only the one on the right is actually used.


There are six more unused tiles, and they appear to be drawn in a different art style. Unused tiles

Madotsuki's Room Edit

There is a cracked window: Ƒxƒ‰ƒ“ƒ

And a round pillow: Round pillow

A sprite for the trash can with paper inside exists, but goes unused: Trash

More unused stuff

Do you think those chairs are used? I think they aren't.

 Some very neat sprites, but they go unused. 

Unused AutoTile

The autotile.

  A unused AutoTile.

Window Reflection

Maybe Madotsuki's town is reflected?

What seems like a reflection.


Number World Edit

In the tileset, there seems to be an unused object that resembles that of a streetlight. The Number World connects to the Lamp World, which contains many streetlights. This was probably going to be used as the streetlights, but went unused.


Puddle World Edit

A Japanese Torii gate appears in the tileset.



Weird eye thing

The eye's lovely -Jordan on the UboaChan Discord

Guess what? This isn't used! It is in the Sewers tileset.

Witch's Island Edit

The pond on Witch's Island sometimes contains some sort of sea creature called Tasei's Kid. If you noclip (preventing Madotsuki from being obstructed by objects) in his pond and interact with him, he will make a strange noise. He can also be stabbed with the Knife effect by noclipping in the pond.


It is also used when you stab the big Goblin[1], and when you interact with one of the Neon Creatures in Neon World, but sped up.

A Scrapped Gate Edit

A purple gate. It was used in previous versions of the game but was removed later on.[2]

Magicant gate

Weird "thing"Edit


What is this

In the charset folder, the file "イベント" contains this.. thing. It is not used anywhere in the game, and no one ever talked about it (I think).
Thing Mockup

Mockup of what the animation of it would look like

The Lost Party Member Edit

Another Party member can be added to your party, but this never happens in the game.

It's nameless and there are no sprites associated with it. But having it in your party causes Several scripts in the game to change.

  • The top-left cupboard in the Guillotine Room will disappear. If you stand on it's former tile and press the action button, then you will end up in front of one of the eight cupboards in the Number World. If you enter the world again, then the cupboard will have returned to its rightful spot. This works in the bigger version of the Guillotine Room, too.

    You will randomly spawn in front of 1 of the 8 cupboards.

  • If you wake up, you will be unable to move. You can still open your menu.
  • You can always do the The Witch's Flight event, even if you don't have the Witch effect, but only if you walk off the edge of the top tile of the Mall Roof.
  • An unused background appears in Neon World (explained below).
  • The ending is not changed at all.

This party member requirement prevents events that should be "called" from being triggered directly. It is likely that this party member was a debug menu for KIKIYAMA to test the game.

An Unused Background Edit

Within the game's files is a parallax background that, although it seems finished, is found nowhere in the game. Interestingly, when using the debug party member (mentioned above), this background scrolls by in Neon World.[3]

So weird

Train Passenger Edit

Sprites exist for a train passenger that cannot be found in game.

Unused Train Passenger

Buyo Buyo Edit

In the files, there are unused sprites for the Buyo Buyo in a different art style. This could possibly mean that he was never meant to be in a FC World, but rather, one of the main ones. This was true in version 0.06, as they were housed in the Barracks Settlement, using these graphics.[4]


Submarine Fish Edit

There appears to be an unused palette/version of the Submarine Fish hidden in the game's files. This version is lighter and less detailed, and also kind of chopped-off. This could imply that this version was scrapped before it could ever be finished.


The Flower PathEdit

Interacting with the flowers in the Flower Path (the place connecting the Sky Garden to The Ghost World) calls a common event that is meant to play from a sound file named 'flower', but it cannot be played as the file doesn't exist.


On older versions of the game, the Fat effect was supposed to get on Hell, by interacting with a funhouse mirror. But later it was changed to The Docks. However, the sprites for the mirror are still in the game, and the mirror is in the  Debug Room.

Funhouse Mirror Gif

The mirror animated.

[[Debug Room|
Funhouse Mirror

The mirror.


The SpaceshipEdit

While the ship is not falling or grounded, and before the falling event is triggered, a map event is continuously triggered. This event has a 1 in 41 chance of calling a common event that is meant to play a nonexistent sound file named 'ポーン' in 1 of 4 different pitches.

Forest World & Graffiti World Edit

On the tileset of the Forest World, there is a table and what seems like a cup on the top if it. However, it goes unused.

Unused Table

On the tileset of the Graffiti World and Forest World, there seems to be 2 confetti tiles. However, again, it goes unused.

References Edit



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