Train Passengers
Location Traincar
Role None
Size Standard
Effect Reaction Cat: Train Passenger A changes appearance, Train Passengers B look uncomfortable

Knife: Scream and Disappear

Notes React to Cat effect

The Train Passengers are the three NPCs that can be found in the Traincar.


When Madotsuki first enters the train car from the Dense Woods, a passenger with red eyes, a black body, and orange arms will be sitting on the left seats. If Madotsuki turns back to the train car from the Witch's Island, there will be two passengers sitting on the right seats. One of them has two eyes and a maroon body, and the other one has a single eye and their body is coloured purple. Both of them have long black hair.


They all react to the Cat effect. The first passenger's eyes will turn into single large eye looking at Madotsuki when she meows with the Cat effect, and the other two passengers will look angry or uncomfortable, just like the reaction of e-Man and o-Man in the Mall.

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