The Wilderness
Basic Info
Effects Towel effect
Map Type

Very Large / Multiple Maps
Looping / Normal

Events Aztec Rave Monkey
Toriningen Party
Falling Man
Notable NPCS


Connecting Areas

Dark World
Barracks Settlement
Sky Garden
The Docks (One Way Arrive)
Teleport Maze (One Way Arrive)
FC World A(One Way Access)



Chipset / Panorama


The Wilderness BGM
The Stairway to Sky BGM

The Wilderness is an extensive deeper location consisting of a large expanse of curly plants and rocky sand.
It is notable for being hard to navigate through all the plants that you see, with many passages difficult to notice.

Despite its size, there is only one effect to be gained here, although there are numerous events to witness, including the Aztec Rave Monkey, the Falling Man, and the Toriningen Party.

There are many connections to other locations, although the FC world exit is only reachable if you entered the area via the Teleport Maze.

The music is Madotsuki's Dream Room played at half the speed.

Points of InterestEdit

The Infinite WildernessEdit

Hot Spring House

Onsen-San in the hot spring house

  • The Infinite Wilderness is the largest traversable area in the game, and the only openly-looping area of the Wilderness.
  • The Towel effect is located here. Interact with the Towel.
  • The Hot Spring House is very dark, you need the Lamp effect to lighten it up. Onsen-san lives here.
  • You can travel back to Route 3 by walking north into the large patch of vegetation in the North-West.
  • To get to The Gap in the Fence, you must travel north through the Desert Oval (The symmetrical patch of vegetation in the North-East)

Eastern / Western Wilderness AreasEdit

Northern Wilderness AreaEdit


  • The Dark World - Go through the Gate to the Wilderness
    • The Wilderness (Dark World Gate)
      • Barracks Settlement - Walk through the fence in the Route to the Barracks Settlement
      • Hot Spring House - Enter the house in the Infinite Wilderness
      • Sky Garden - Climb the Stairway to the Sky
  • Docks B - Speak to the Pirori (One Way)
    • The Wilderness (Route to the Barracks Settlement)


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