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Outside Poniko's house in the Pink Sea
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The Pink Sea, also known as called the Pastel Sea or Pastel Shoal, is an openly-looping deeper location of Madotsuki's many dream worlds.
The whole world is dominantly pink, characterised by several pale islands surrounded by a large expanse of shallow, pastel-colored water.

Points of InterestEdit

  • Interacting with the balloons will teleport Madotsuki in and out of the water. The pink balloon is connected to the blue balloon, and the green balloon is connected to the yellow balloon.
    The Pink Sea in the Manga
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  • While in the water your speed is halved, requiring the Frog or Bicycle effect to travel at normal speed.
  • Poniko's house is situated here, on the southernmost island within a group of conical shapes.

Poniko's HouseEdit

  • There is a 1 in 64 chance (determined when you enter the house) that switching off the light will trigger the Uboa Event.


Japanese Party Poppers
The conical structures on Poniko's island may be Japanese party poppers
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Although it is ostensibly a large ocean, the world seems to be styled along the lines of a young girl's birthday party. The dominance of pink and pastel colors, the floating balloons and the conical structures on Poniko's island that resemble Japanese-style party poppers may indicate that this dream is based on Madotsuki's memory of a birthday party.
This may be significant in interpreting the Uboa event and Poniko's relationship to Madotsuki.

Alternatively, it may also be another homage to the Mother series, since it resembles Queen Mary's Magicant from the original Mother game, and the exterior of Poniko's house resembles the buildings there as well as Queen Mary's castle.


  • The Snow World - Warp through the pink pool in one of the igloos. Return by standing at the point of entrance.
    • The Pink Sea
      • Poniko's House - Use the balloons to teleport to the cone island, then enter the hole.
        • Uboa's Trap (One way) - Touch Uboa


Pink Sea
Map of the Pink Sea
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