The Guillotine World
Basic Info
Effects Severed Head effect
Map Type

Small, Looping

Events None
Notable NPCS

Closet Creature

Connecting Areas

Number World



Chipset / Panorama


Guillotine World BGM

The Guillotine World is found by going through the bleeding wall near the beds in the Number World.

The background music appears to be a high-pitched version of Uboa's music.

Point of InterestEdit

It is significantly small and is filled with Lunatic Toriningen and closets. Interacting with the Guillotine will give you the Severed Head effect. Using the Bicycle, Stoplight, or Triangle Kerchief effect makes it easier to avoid the Toriningen and obtain the Severed Head effect. It is possible to escape this world back to the Bed Room in the Number World by entering one of the closets in the Guillotine World, the other closets are all Closet Creatures.

If the sane Toriningen in the Number World is stabbed before entering the Guillotine room, then Madotsuki will instead go into the Big Guillotine World, which is the same as the Guillotine World except that it is larger and it contains six lunatic Toriningen instead of three.


  • Number World
    • Bed Room
      • Guillotine World
      • Big Guillotine World - Stabbed the Toriningen and enter the bleeding wall

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