Ghost World BGM
Crossover Garden

The Crossover Garden exterior, the point of limbo between the two dimensions.

The Ghost World is an openly-looping deeper location found by traveling through the Crossover Garden in the Sky Garden.

It is seemingly the 'other side', the dimension of ghosts and souls that exists parallel to the corporeal world. It is reached when Madotsuki enters the Crossover Garden and interacts with one of the white lilies. Doing so shifts her between the Sky Garden and the Ghost World with a bright flash. The Sky Garden music will disappear, indicating that you've been taken somewhere else.

The Ghost World is a drab and dour place, a city of monotonous concrete blocks stained with decay and dereliction. The eerie soundtrack creates an incredible sense of dejection and loneliness.
It is very easy to get lost in this world, so if you aren't careful, you could be here a long time.

Points of InterestEdit

  • The Triangle Kerchief effect is received here, by catching Fleebie.
  • There are three strange NPCs in this world. It is possible that they are intended to be ghosts, warped beyond recognition by ages of existing in the ghost world. They are known as the Ghostmen.



  • The fact that Madotsuki, a mortal, is able to enter the Ghost World is interesting. This could be linked to The Ending of the game.
  • In Japanese culture, white lilies are associated with death and funerals, which explains the method of reaching the Ghost world.


Ghost World

Map of the Ghost World. The entrance is near the north-west corner of the map.