The Footprint Path
Yume nikko fpp1
Basic Info
Effects None
Map Type

Small, Normal

Events None
Notable NPCS

Henkei Shita

Connecting Areas

Eyeball World


あしあと いっぱい

Chipset / Panorama


Footprint Path 1 BGM
Footprint Path 2 BGM

The Footprint Path is a passage that connects the Eyeball World to Hell.

Point of InterestEdit

The Footprint Path is a long trail of footprints on a black, seemingly liquid floor. The path is surrounded by non-NPC monsters, but Madotsuki can only walk on the existing footprints.
In the first section, there are a series of strange characters known as Henkei Shita sitting by the road, each of a different color set. One of these creatures has an identical counterpart in Hell. They are a source of theoretical speculation.

Footprint Path 2 Character

One of the characters in the second section

In the second section, a different group of creatures known as Goppa can be seen. Like before, this strange group of monsters look alike but have different color schemes.
These characters are somewhat more interactive, as they will react violently when Madotsuki pushes a nearby button. This button might possibly be a body part of the monsters as they respond whenever these are pushed, the corresponding coloration indicates that it's some kind of nerve which triggers the creature's reaction.

The background music in Footprint Path 1 is the same as in the Mural World, Footprint Path 2 differs in that the music is the Puddle World music played at half the speed.


  • The Eyeball World - Walk into the mouth of the blue head
    • The Footprint Path
      • Hell - Interact with the Nenrikido
        • The Footprint Path - 1/256 chance of being transported to Footprint Path 1 when you stab the Henkei Shita in the centre of the maze with the knife effect


Footprint Path

Map of the Footprint Path

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