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Takofuusen, the Octopus Balloon
Location White Desert
Role None
Size Huge
Effect Reaction None

Takofuusen (たこ風船, タコ風船, 凧風船 Octopus Balloon or Kite Balloon) is a random event that takes place in the White Desert, and is also a character by the same name.

Takofuusen has a 1 in 3600 chance of appearing, which is rolled approximately twice every second. This translates to an average wait of thirty minutes between appearances, so there's a good chance of seeing it once or twice while exploring the area.
Unlike Uboa, there is no way to interact with Takofuusen; it merely floats across your screen accompanied by a fast beat.

Takofuusen resembles a large, flying, monochrome creature with a balloon-like body and two legs or arms that stick out at the bottom. Its body appears puffed up near the middle, as if swollen or muscular. Its two eyes squint in a similar way to Roary Straw, making its expression rather merry.



Takofuusen also seems to resemble the symptoms of a birth defect known as Twin Reversed Arterial Perfusion or "TRAP syndrome", where one of a pair of birthed twins is severely malformed, generating only a torso and the lower half of a body.

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