Steve 'Leif' Kareha
魚二匹 (Two Fishes)
Location Number World
Role None
Size Standard
Effect Reaction Cat: Drawn towards Madotsuki

Stoplight: Freezes
Knife: Swims twice as fast

Steve 'Leif' Kareha is an obscure NPC that is rarely found by players without knowing where to look. For this reason, it is considered to be something of an Easter egg.

It looks like a strange cross between a water snail and a butterfly, and is seen swimming slowly along the canal in the south of the Number World. It will not appear unless Madotsuki repeatedly draws it using the Cat effect, which can take quite a long time. It constantly swims to the west, and moves twice as fast when the Knife effect is equipped.


Leif does not interact with Madotsuki, but has all the normal reactions to the Cat and Stoplight effects. Additionally, it is one of the few characters to transform when frozen by the Stoplight, in that its eyes (or wings) fold up and close.


  • The Noclip Glitch allows you to access Leif's area and one is able to use the Knife effect on them like on other NPCs.
  • It was apparently named after the guy who first found him.


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