Staircase of Hands
Basic Info
Effects None
Map Type

Small, Normal

Events None
Notable NPCS


Connecting Areas

Madotsuki's Dream Room (Random)
Number World (Random)
Candle World (Random)
Snow World (Random)
Block World (Random)
Underground World



Chipset / Panorama



The Staircase of Hands is a staircase leading to the second world of dreams. Going up, you wake up in the bed where you were in the world of dreams and the bed to leading to the staircase will not have changed. Going down, you will arrive in a room with a lift leading to an other room with escalators to get to the Mall (one way). There is another exit on the left which leads you to a corridor on fire (which can be doused using the Umbrella or the Yuki-onna effect) that leads to the Underground World.

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