Snow World
Basic Info
Effects Yuki-onna effect
Map Type

Large, Looping

Events None
Notable NPCS


Connecting Areas

The Nexus
Pink Sea
The Staircase of Hands (Random)



Chipset / Panorama


Snow World BGM

The Snow World is one of the 12 original locations accessible directly from The Nexus.

It is an openly-looping world themed around a snowy taiga, with gentle snowfall, a few clusters of coniferous trees and the occasional igloo.

Points of InterestEdit

Portal igloo

The igloo with the portal to the Pink Sea

  • There are 7 igloos in this world - five are grouped together, and the other two are more solitary.
    • Inside the igloo in the south-east position of the group, a sleeping girl named Kamakurako is found.
    • Inside the lone igloo due south of the bed is the portal to the Pink Sea.
  • There is a sane Toriningen that can be found by the entrance of one of the empty igloos.
  • There is a bed here, in the middle of a copse of trees in the east of the map.



The Toriningen inside the igloo.

  • The Snow World is the only original location with a static and fully visible floor. As such, it seems much more vivid and realistic than the other original locations.
  • The igloo north-east of the one Kamakurako inhabits is normally unoccupied. However, if the sane Toriningen outside is stabbed with the knife, there will be another Toriningen inside this igloo waiting to ambush Madotsuki when she enters. This Toriningen will teleport Madotsuki to the same spot in Hell as the one outside does.



Snow World

Map of the Snow World

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