Sentimental Komuro Michael Sakamoto Dada-sensei (センチメンタル小室マイケル坂本ダダ先生) (or simply Masada, or Seccom Masada) is a character found in Madotsuki's dreams. He is found by sleeping in any one of a number of beds present in the dream world, going down the staircase, walking past the elevator, and using either the Umbrella or Yuki-onna effect to extinguish the fire.

Appearance Edit

Masada is a humanoid NPC who appears to be wearing a black suit or jumpsuit. He has pale skin and medium-length black hair, and his eyes point in two different directions (from a front view, his left eye is pointing up, and his right eye is pointing down.)

Seccom Masada Piano

Seccom Masada at his Organ

Description Edit

He is found in a monochromatic spaceship, apparently the pilot. He stands next to a large organ. He slowly turns to all of his four directions in no specific pattern. When Madotsuki interacts with him, he makes a trilling noise, similar to the sound Super Mario makes when he loses a life. When interacting with him during the Spaceship crash event he will make a higher-pitched sound. He will also spin around much faster, thus appearing to be panicking. When the ship lands on Mars, his 'voice' is much more low-pitched, possibly expressing remorse or relief.

When the Knife is equipped, he backs away from you. You can use this or his normal reaction to the Cat Effect to play the piano key he is otherwise standing in front of.

Name Edit

As for most characters of Yume Nikki the names are created by fans. "Sekomu/Seccom Masada-sensei" (セコムマサダ先生) is a shortened combination of the full given name
"Sentimental Komuro Michael Sakamoto Dada-sensei"

"Seccom" is a result of an English-langage simplification of "Sekomu."

Trivia Edit

  • Masada is one of only two characters who walk backwards in the game (the other one being Dave Spector), who does this 'moonwalk' when the Knife effect is equipped. This is the origin of the Michael Jackson in his name, due to his imitation of celebrity Michael Jackson's iconic dance move and the similarity of appearance Masada bears to the entertainer.
  • Sakamoto Ryuuichi and Komuro Tetsuya served as inspiration for being famous japanese pianists.
  • Dada are a group of aliens that attack the earth in Ultraman. While Masada is presumably benevolent, there is also the high visual resemblance.
  • The honorific suffix -sensei attached to his name means to imply that he is an authority figure, in this case many fans imagine him as a music teacher as Madotsuki is allowed to play on the organ as well.
  • Although his name is fan-given, it was later used in merchandise produced by Project Yume Nikki, most likely to promote sales by featuring a name most fans know and can search for. Project Yume Nikki has KIKIYAMA's permission to produce content, but KIKIYAMA themself do not relate to Project Yume Nikki, which means this name should not be regarded as an official name.

Sound FilesEdit

Sound Files associated with Seccom Masada-sensei.

Sound Description
Usual/calm tone
Panicked tone
Sad/Remorseful tone
All eight piano keys that can be played by Madotsuki. Masada is standing in front of the third one.

Soundtrack associated with Seccom Masada-sensei. Repetitive noise warning with the second track.

Soundtrack Description
The background music while you are in The Spaceship.
The "Red Alert" background noise during the crash.


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