Ƒ‚ƒm”wŒi 007a
Location In the White Desert, underneath the Manhole in Dense Woods B.
Role Decorative

Tentacles allow Madotsuki to reach the White Dessert

Size Background
Effect Reaction None
Notes Appearance changes based on how long Madotsuki traveled along the infinite road

Manhole-sama appears under the manhole between The Road, Dense Woods B, and the White Desert.


Manhole-sama appears as a grey humanisque head shape with three eyes. In front of it are red loopy strings or "tentacles" which can be interacted with, using them to climb up and down.

Ƒ‚ƒm”wŒi 007b

Its appearance changes depending on how many times -for at least five 'loops'- Madotsuki has traveled along the Infinite Road in the Dense Woods A. Manhole-sama appears red, its two upper eyes squint as to emote joy and on the left of the screen a fork-like shape looms in the background. The "tentacles" looks like the White Desert Path Area tentacles.


  • The tentacles are interpreted to look similar to umbilical cords or red straws.

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