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ポニ子 (Ponytail girl)
Location Poniko's House on The Pink Sea
Role May transform into Uboa
Size Standard
Effect Reaction Cat: Drawn towards Madotsuki

Stoplight: Freezes
Knife: Screams and Disappears

Poniko's Room (Light out)
Poniko's Room (Light on)

Poniko (ポニ子, "Ponytail girl") is a character that appears in Madotsuki's dream. Her house is found in The Pink Sea, which is accessed by diving into a pool located in an igloo in the Snow World.



Poniko's room

Poniko is a blonde girl with a ponytail, green shirt, a brown skirt and red shoes. In the game, she has either open blue eyes which are constantly looking to her left side, or her eyes are closed, crying blue teardrops. In the manga her design is interpreted to have open eyes. She lives alone in a single room, like Madotsuki herself. She may prefer solitude, as she is located in one of the deeper dream locations and is the only NPC present in The Pink Sea. At her house there is nothing to interact with except a light switch. There is a 1/64 chance that Poniko will change into Uboa after flicking on and off the lights.

Fan SpeculationEdit

Poniko in the Manga

Poniko as she appears in the manga

It is speculated she's Madotsuki's ideal person, her "hero" to look up to, a nice normal girl. In the manga, Madotsuki even says "I wonder if she'll be my friend" and "her clothes are cute too". It is also thought that Poniko wants to ignore Madotsuki as she doesn't react when Madotsuki tries to interact with her. Her transforming into Uboa could be an angry reaction to Madotsuki for flicking the lights on and off.


No matter what you do, she doesn't seem to pay any attention to you. The only exception to this is equipping the Knife, which makes her flee, or using the Cat effect, which draws her towards Madotsuki. This is a trait shared by many characters, however.


  • Poniko is a popular character with fans.

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