Organoid teleport

The Organoid is an NPC found slowly walking around in the Sky Garden.

It tends to walk a few steps and then stand for a few seconds, as if to admire the sights. If the Knife Effect is used on it, it screams, disappears and drops 100 yen. Equipping the Knife makes it flee from you. Interacting with it is difficult however as it teleports if you happen to touch it. If the Cat Effect is used near it, it will come towards you.


Organoid with closed mouth

Organoid during their walking animation

The Organoid is a turquoise-teal creature with a body shape similar to an hourglass. It has an red pupil-ed eye-like shape on the center of it's upper body shape. Tear drop shapes of its body are dangling out of its upper body shape, with a small square in the middle of its upper body shape, possibly representing a mouth. While walking, its mouth closes and opens again. It has two rose streaks in its body and dark colored feet.

Organoid in sky garden

Organoid in the Sky Garden