Nopperabou Ghost
Location The Sewers
Role Gives Nopperabou effect Nopperabou Egg
Size Standard
Effect Reaction Cat: Drawn towards Madotsuki

Stoplight: Freezes
Knife: Screams and Disappears, flees when equipped

Nopperabou Ghost
Nopperabou Ghost ("nopperabou" is the common Japanese name for creatures without a face) looks like a typical ghost but without a face. The Nopperabou Effect can be obtained by interacting with it. It can be found in The Sewers.


  • The Nopperabou Ghost pays high resemblance to Fleebie and Follony, as well a resemblance to Youmu's phantom half and the PC-98 Bakebake (only minus the face and head piece) from the Touhou Project. 
  • As soon as Madotsuki has the Knife Effect equipped, the ghost starts fleeing from her.
  • In YUMENIKKI –DREAM DIARY–, an entire swarm of Nopperabou Ghosts can be seen circling above Poniko's House.


Yume Nikki - How to get the Nopperabou

Yume Nikki - How to get the Nopperabou