Neon World(Hopi's Sun Color Door)


Red,Purple,Yellow,Green color books.(Tawa-Kachina color)

Neon World(Hopi mythology)Edit

※The Neon World's door of "red", "yellow", "green", and a "purple" color
It is the same as the color of "the book of a Madotsuki's Room's bookshelf".

Neon World's Door

Neon World's door

Neon Creatures(pinball machine)

Look like a pinball machine?

Neon Creatures(Tommy (album))Edit

"Pinball Wizard" is a song written by Pete Townshend and performed by the English rock band The Who,

2 Position on the album

The song was introduced into Tommy as an afterthought[citation needed]. In late 1968 or early 1969, when The Who played a rough assembly of their new album to critic Nik Cohn, Cohn gave a lukewarm reaction.

7 Other incarnations  7.2 1972 orchestral version

On 9 December 1972, entrepreneur Lou Reizner presented a concert version of Tommy at the Rainbow Theatre, London. There were two performances that took place on the same evening.

Tommy (with The London Symphony Orchestra)-1972 JS LP

Tommy(Albam) with The London Symphony Orchestra(1972 JS LP)

1.16 Pinball Wizard

Tommy now faces the local champ (Elton John) at a televised pinball championship, featuring The Who performing (sans Daltrey) as the local lad's backing band.

Tommy film poster

"Tommy(film)" - Theatrical release poster(19 March 1975 (US))

Neon(Tommy (film))Edit

Tommy is a 1975 British musical film based upon The Who's 1969 rock opera album Tommy.[4]

Tommy(film) - Yumenikki(Neon)00:32

Tommy(film) - Yumenikki(Neon)

"Tommy (film) - Do You Think It's Alright (2)" ~ "Yumenikki (Neon Effects)" #0:16~0:32

Release date(s) - 19 March 1975 (US)
"Tommy (film) " #Do You Think It's Alright (2)

2009年07月31日 12:13
"【ゆめにっき】そうだ、モノ子に会いに行こう。" #3:55~4:05

Added by "さんすう"

Neon Creatures(Decipherment of rongorongo)Edit

※Neon Creatures are "Rongorongo by which coloring" was carried out?

6 Barthel

Rongorongo C-a Mamari calendar

Rongorongo C-a Mamari calendar

Neon Creatures(Venus Flytrap)

No. 3 resembles a thing like Venus Flytrap from a party's left.

Neon Creatures(Rongorongo)Edit

3 Origin


The native signatures on the 1770 Spanish treaty.[note 8] The bottommost resembles a rongorongo glyph also used as a petroglyph

In 1770 the Spanish annexed Easter Island under Captain González de Ahedo. A signing ceremony was held in which a treaty of annexation was signed by an undisclosed number of chiefs "by marking upon it certain characters in their own form of script."[30] (Reproduction at right)

339px-Drawing of Venus Flytrap

Illustration from Curtis's Botanical Magazine by William Curtis (1746–1799)

Neon Creatures(Venus flytrap)Edit

A (RR1) Tahua
Text A of the rongorongo corpus, also known as Tahua, is one of two dozen surviving rongorongo texts.

Rongorongo Aa8-28~29

※Rongorongo(Aa8#28~29 Traced by Barthel)
This looks like "Venus Flytrap"

Poop hair

Poorhair's fly?

The Venus flytrap (also Venus's flytrap or Venus' flytrap), Dionaea muscipula, is a carnivorous plant native to subtropical wetlands on the East Coast of the United States.

Neon Character(Bark beetle)

Neon Creatures(Rongorongo)Edit

G (RR8) Small Santiago

Text G of the rongorongo corpus, the smaller of two tablets located in Santiago and therefore also known as the Small Santiago tablet, is one of two dozen surviving rongorongo texts. It may include a short genealogy.

Roro Barthel Gr4-18

※Rongorongo(Gr4#18 Traced by Barthel or Fischer)
This like a frog? has in the hand,looks like "Bark beetle"

Roro Fischer Gr4-18

Neon Character(Spirogyra)

Neon Creatures(Rongorongo)Edit

N (RR23) Small Vienna

Text N of the rongorongo corpus, the smaller of two tablets in Vienna and therefore also known as the Small Vienna tablet, is one of two dozen surviving rongorongo texts, and repeats much of the verso of tablet E.

Roro Barthel Na2-4

※Rongorongo(Na2#4~5 Traced by Barthel or Fischer)
This looks like "Spirogyra"

Roro Fischer Na2-5

Neon Character(Frankenstein's creature)

Neon Creatures(Rongorongo)Edit

8 Pozdniakov

※Rongorongo-050 (Pozdniakov's proposed basic inventory)
It seems to hair that "three grew flatly"

Rongorongo 050

A (RR1) Tahua

Rongorongo Aa8-46

※Rongorongo(Aa8#46 Traced by Barthel)
Furthermore, it seems that the mouth stuck.

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