Neon Creatures
ネオン生物 (Neon creatures)
Location Neon World
Role None
Size Standard
Effect Reaction Cat: Drawn towards Madotsuki

Knife: Scream and Disappear
Stoplight: Freeze

The Neon Creatures (キャラ, Character) are eight different creatures of various neon colors. They are located in the Neon World, and can be killed with the knife, though they do not have a found role in the game. Their size is similar to what is normally found in the game. The only notable creature is the Neon Parrot, which will give Madotsuki the Neon Effect.


They all make their own unique sound effect upon interaction, except for the arrow-shaped one. They all seem to have the same standard reactions to Cat, Knife and Stoplight.

Trivia Edit

  • When counting all of the creatures in the Neon World (Excluding the Neon Parrot), The total amount of all the Neon Creatures in the game are 136.
  • While using the Stoplight Effect, the worm-like and the box-like creatures continue to animate. The ones with the beak will always be red when stopped, and the onion shaped ones with red faces will always wear the same unhappy expression.
  • They all have the same event name of キャラ (for example, キャラA, キャラB, キャラC, etc.), with the exception of the arrow-shaped one, which are called either ←, ↑, →, or ↓ respectively. They are named after what direction they face when they start their walking cycle.

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