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  • I live in germany
  • I was born on June 14
  • My occupation is occupational therapist
  • I am a gay villain with she pronouns
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  • Good day fleshy mammal. I'm the anon guy who did the very rough translations and shit. thanks for corrections and stuff. i might make a account soon so uh,  if i do see ya

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  • Hi,

    There is a hacked version of Yume Nikki that features an extra world accessed from the nexus and an alternate "happy" ending that is accessed from that world.

    Would this be acceptable to write about? Additions that would be made are a new page for the world called "Blood World" and another entry in the The Ending on the events page. I understand this may not be acceptable since it isn't the original game.

    If you want to check the game out for yourself there is a link on this website:



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    • No, it seems like that's the only page related to Yume Nikki. Since the magazine is from 2005, it doesn't surprise me that it didn't get much attention because the game wasn't nearly as popular then as it is now.

      Here are some more pictures, although I don't think they say anything directly related, perhaps they have something about how did they get the legal rights to publish games on DVD magazines.


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    • Lots of installing stuff and what to do if one runs into problems. Nothing relevant here.

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  • I have implemented the message wall feature, try it out. Was there anything else you wanted to discuss?

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    • Wonderful, that makes everything easier. I also wanted to ask if it's possible you could give me admin rights. I am also the Crat of the Answered Prayers wiki and admin of the Pretty Cure wiki, for reference. I know a ton about CSS and I am very familiar with wikia's rules, so I can also stop vandalism if you're not there. I rewrote a lot of articles on here.

      My most active time was in fall last year, since then I've been busy with the Pretty Cure wiki but I think I can support you on here too. I need to finish those Madotsuki pixels on her page anyways. Next week I'll be on holidays, but after that I should have more time.

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    • I have no objections to that. You definitely seem capable of keeping an eye on things and I'm not really active enough around here any more to be the best possible person for the job. The wiki doesn't seem to need much managing these days, but if you're enthusiastic and available then I'm happy to confer full admin rights to you, and give you creative control over the content. I'll still be available if needed and will get an email if someone writes on my wall. I'll check the boxes for you now. Good luck Leah.

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