目玉腕 (Eyeball Arm)
Location Eyeball World
Role Gives Medamaude Effect Medamaude Egg
Size Thin Medamaude
Effect Reaction Knife: Screams and disappears

Stoplight: Freezes

Notes • Looks like the other hands.

• Immobile

Medamaude is an Effect NPC that resides within the Eyeball World. It is a grasping arm, as are some of the other body parts, with the exception of the eye embeded in its palm. It spawns north-northwest from the Eyeball World door, southeast of the severed blue head.


Interacting with Medamaude for the first time gives you the Medamaude effect. It otherwise ignores Madotsuki, with the exception of its standard reaction to the Stoplight effect.


  • Medamaude has a full spritesheet (able to face 4 directions, each direction having 3 frames), but even considering that it only faces left and right in the spritesheet, it only faces right in-game. The other 3 directions are unused.


Yume Nikki - How to get the Medamaude

Yume Nikki - How to get the Medamaude