Mars BGM

Mars is one of the deeper locations, discovered after the Spaceship crash lands on the planet. It is a dead end, as the Spaceship will not take off again. This requires the player to either wake up or use the Medamaude effect to return to other parts of the Dream World.

Mars is a simple area to navigate, with no branching paths. After Madotsuki leaves the spaceship, she will soon come across a mountain. When she reaches the summit, she finds a small hole with steam rising from it.

You need to activate the Midget effect to fit through the hole. Inside is a stairwell that leads deep underground to where Mars-san can be found.


  • Meowing with the Cat effect on the Martian summit may cause a few UFOs to appear in the sky, possibly searching for Masada's downed ship.


Mars Map

Map of Mars