The Mall Shoppers are a group of NPCs that can be found wandering around in The Mall. They are similar to normal humans, with the exception of their color and being faceless. Upon interaction, they become deformed and walk fast, away from Madotsuki. Using the stoplight effect will cause them to freeze but their bodies will also distort slightly. It is speculated that they are people Madotsuki met in her past, along with the Maussan Bros in the Sky Garden.



A purple madam with brown hair that carries a green bag and wears a dark red sweater, a blue skirt, and pink shoes. She is located near the escalator.

Fat GuyEdit

A fat man with blue skin and fuschia hair. He wears a light blue shirt, dusky green jeans, and is either shoeless or adorned in dark blue shoes. He is located in the southern part of the Mall.

Gray LadyEdit

A nervous-looking female that has gray skin and dark hair, wearing a dark brown shirt, peach color skirt and purple shoes. She is housed in the northeast part of the Mall.

Green ManEdit

A green-skinned man with muddy-looking hair, wearing a pea green shirt, dark blue pants, and purple shoes. He is found in the northwest part of Mall.

Twintail GirlEdit

A little girl that has pink skin and maroon twintails. She is dressed in a lilac shirt and a pink pearl skirt with purple shoes. She can be found in the southeast part of the Mall.

Blue BoyEdit

A little boy that has blue skin and red hair, wearing blue clothes and green shoes. He is stationed in the southwest part of the Mall. He is also the only still one, and will not move until the Cat effect is used.

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  • There have some theories that link the Mall Shoppers to other NPCs in the game.
    Ex: the Green Man = Shitai-san, Gray Lady = Monoe, Twintail Girl = Monoko.
  • If the Mall represents a Hospital, they may are some patients or patients' family, or possible Madotsuki's family.