Mall Roof
Basic Info
Effects None
Map Type

Small, Normal

Events Witch's Flight
Notable NPCS

The Black Cat

Connecting Areas

The Mall



Chipset / Panorama


Mall Roof BGM
The Witch's Flight BGM

Mall Roof is a place that can be accessed from the escalator near the entrance elevator in The Mall. There is a 3/4 chance determined when Madotsuki enters the area for it to be blocked by an orange traffic cone.

The music is The Witch's Flight event music played at 70% speed.

Point of InterestEdit

  • If you came from The Underground World's elevator, the escalator will always be accessible.
  • The Black Cat is randomly found in one of three positions on the rooftop.
  • When you equip the Witch effect, with the broom mounted, and go to the edge of the roof, you will start the Witch's Flight.


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