Invisible (left) and under the Stoplight (right)

Mafurako (マフラー子, "muffler girl") (a.k.a. Hat-and-Scarf Girl) is an NPC who can be found in the Block World.

Initially, Mafurako appears to be invisible except for the hat and scarf she wears. However, using the Stoplight effect causes her to appear completely, revealing her as a girl.


Mafurako wears a brown winter cap and a scarf, which are the only visible articles of clothing at first. She has dark brown hair that covers her eyes, a blue sweater, purple pants, and black shoes.



Mafurako in the manga

Interacting with Mafurako will teleport both her and Madotsuki to 1 of 5 normally inaccessible places atop one of the blocks in the area. On one of the possible destinations is a door that leads to the White Desert. Interacting with her again will return them both to the ground. Normally, Madotsuki will be teleported to a random spot away from Mafurako, and will have to seek her out again. However, if Madotsuki is using the snowman effect, she will always return to Mafurako's side on the return trip, shortening the process of finding the door.

Besides transforming under the stoplight effect, Mafurako displays all the normal reactions to the Cat, Knife and Stoplight effects.


It is possible that Mafurako represents Madotsuki's feelings of shyness. It is evident that Mafurako wants to be unseen, as even when she is visible her fringe covers her face.
Furthermore, Mafurako seems to seek solitude. She is the sole resident of the very spacious Block World, and prefers to ditch Madotsuki in a distant location rather than teleport back together. She only seems comfortable around the inanimate Snowman, with whom she can relate to (They share a penchant for winter clothing) yet is also impersonal and non-threatening.


Interestingly, Mafurako's sprites are located in Madotsuki's sprite sheet in the game's files. She is the only NPC with this distinction other than Madotsuki's Ghost.