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Madotsuki's Room

Madotsuki's Room("Early Sunday Morning")


The Wi-wanyang-wa-c'i-pi (Sundance Ceremony)

Madotsuki's Room(Native Americans in the United States) Edit

4 宗教 4.7 平原部での宗教 4.7.1 サン・ダンスの儀式

「サン・ダンス(Sun Dance)」とは、スー語の「ウィワンヤンク・ワチピ(太陽を見つめる踊り)」を英訳したものである。
"Sun Dance (Sun Dance)" and is one that was translated into English The "Wi-wanyang-wa-c'i-pi" Sue-language.

When the tribe of the plain died, it could go to "paradise of hunting" unconditionally, and for this reason, I thought that the world should have been spent for every pleasure now.


However, many of plain tribes, such as the Soe fellows, Blackfoot and the Sheyenne fellows, and Kaiowa fellows, hold the ceremony of this Sundance that prays recovery of Nature, and a tribe's prosperity, stands an oath, and offers a prayer to a large spirit of a departed person every year at the time of the summer solstice as "declining, if the power of Nature is neglected."

※Also of "The KALIMBA TV Channel" and "Sun Dance"

Madotsuki's Lag

Navajo's Lag(Madotsuki's Room)

Madotsuki's Room(Navajo people) Edit

4 ナバホ族 4.2 文化


Flute room

Indian Flute Player(the myth taken in from the neighboring Pueblo "the ancestor appeared from depths of the earth")

The ceremony of the large-scale spirit-of-a-departed-person march which has the myth taken in from the neighboring Pueblo "the ancestor appeared from depths of the earth", and is called "イェイビチェイ?" which is the reappearance is famous.
The jewelry work using turquoise and silver is made elated, and most Navajo puts on these accessories.
There are also many players of an "Indian flute."

Transition 1880(Navajo Lag)

"Navajo Lag"(Transition 1880)


It is said that "there is a preoccupation of old", when the Spaniards brought the sheep in the 18th century, was soon adopted grazing sheep. Fleece bedsheets elaborate pattern called "Navajo Rag" is a valuable trade goods in the 19th century, are still prized. Is a matrilineal society, and also textile grazing, is women's work today.


Red,Purple,Yellow,and Green color books.(Tawa-Kachina color)

Madotsuki's Room(Hopi mythology) Edit

Hopi Tawa Mural

"Yellow" and "Red" Head,"Green" Face,"Purple" Eyes and Mouth and Feathers of Eagle.

1 Major deities

Most Hopi accounts of creation center around Tawa, the Sun Spirit. Tawa is the Creator, and it was he who formed the First World out of Tokpella, or Endless Space, as well as its original inhabitants.[6] It is still traditional for Hopi mothers to seek a blessing from the Sun for their newborn children.[7] However, other accounts have it that Tawa, or Taiowa, first created Sotuknang, whom he called his nephew.

※The Bookshelf, in Madotsuki's room is an entrance in the world of a dream, That is, the first world(Most Hopi accounts of creation center/formed the First World?)





Creator of all things. I also say that God exists absolutely. For windows (watch) that are in the distant universe God watches over the lives of human beings, strictly speaking, is said to be the sun.

Fengshui Compass

A Luopan, Feng shui compass.

Madotsuki's Room(Feng shui) Edit

3 文化 3.1 北に関する言葉

Parinirvana Buddha

Nirvana Figure (19th century)


  • 北枕の凶運は、釈迦が死んだ時に、頭を北向きにして安置された事に由来する。


  • 他の国の中には、家具焼けするなどの理由から南向きは敬遠される場合もある。
Madotsuki in Bed

Kitamakura(North-Pillow), is to head to the north, towards the south foot bed.

When sleeping, it is called "north pillow" to turn the head to the north side and to sleep, and it is considered as what has bad luck.

  •  Bad luck of the north pillow originates in having carried out the head for north and having been installed, when Gautama Buddha dies.

Since the sun arrives at the top in the south in Japan, for south is liked on the room arrangement of the room.

  • In other countries, for south may be kept at arm's length from the reasons of carrying out a furniture glow.
Madotsuki's Turning in bed

madotsuki was facing the west from the north, she was left to go over to the other side when you fall off the bed. (Revived from the dead?)

Madotsuki's Room(North-Pillow) Edit

1 由来


Comes from that which is said to be the time of dying, Buddha is the founder of Buddhism was to lie down and put your head in the north direction (re-myeon First) "head north west" [1]. This is what the "head north" from the future thinking, Kusumi Buddhism that was born in the north. However, this theory is only interpreted by the progeny of only Mahayana Buddhism Den north.



“頭北面西”(So dead, head north, face is facing west.)


Is said that there is a custom of Kitamakura in China in the past. However, because there was not intended to take root in Buddhist that during sudden death, such as food poisoning, revived by Kitamakura it lay in [2].


Madotsuki's Cushion

Pink&Blue cusion

Madotsuki's Room(Tsukuba shrine) Edit




Boy was born,pillow blue.Girl was born,red pillow makes in return.



In the shrine of the "ball and chain", the pillow of blue is red or dedication. Couple want a child, I have to borrow one of the pillow. If you want a boy I choose red pillow pillow if you want blue, and girls. Have been blessed with a child is placed between the pillow and sleep with a pillow of this couple.

Mado's Room

Blue pillow in the east direction is not.(Boy not born) Pink pillow to the South and Southeast. (Girl born)

Madotsuki's Room(Feng shui) Edit



 I think people who want to have children, do not have a healthy baby and not a few quite. For those who are troubled not have a healthy baby, here will be a brief introduction to some of the Feng Shui Kodakara surrounding.


(First of all, for some reason I was a boy and a girl by the sea of Feng Shui. )


Please try in the bedroom.


· I have been told boy and girl born and direction to the east, in the south of the pillow and the orientation of the pillow.


· I have been born and said to the boy and girl leave the Northeast, north or south or southeast and leave the peach and pomegranate.

 (Copyright (C) 2008 風水 部屋と間取り All Rights Reserved.)



Kodakara Feng Shui, there are a few important points. It is a bedroom. Orientation of the bedroom, the room is recommended to place the center of the house as seen from the north.


Bedspreads and sheets, but I'd like pink, orange is recommended if possible. I have said good things as much as possible and use, was applied to the Sun.


Then, the orientation of the pillow is important in feng shui Kodakara. It is recommended east pillow, pillow East Some say a boy was born, pillow southern girl is born.


It is said to have the effect of placing the "peach" or "pomegranate" on the north side of the bedroom.

(Copyright (C)子宝に恵まれる風水)

The Ending(East of the Sun and West of the Moon) Edit

The Jump

If "Easter", stepping stone should be located on the "East" rather than "West".(Not Easter?)


Madotsuki fell flying to the East.(In Christ's Witch)

※"Sun" sets in the "West" from the "East"
Discard the Easter Egg of Christ, Madotsuki is became a sun is the symbol of the Hopi?

Madotsuki's Room(Hopi mythology)

Flew to the East of the Mall Rooftop, madotsuki because had the Easter Egg yet?

Mado Balcony Nite

Red wall of a building(Early Sunday Morning is a "Easter"?)

Madotsuki's Room(Edward Hopper) Edit

日曜の早朝」 米国の画家エドワード・ホッパーの絵画(1930) ◆赤い建物の壁が特異な静けさを感じさせる作品;カンバス 油彩 82×102 cm ニューヨーク近代美術館.

Museum of Modern Art, New York Oil on canvas 82 × 102 cm; work "Early Sunday Morning" feel the serenity peculiar red walls of the building (1930) ◆ U.S. painter Edward Hopper painting.

Early Sunday Morning

Edward Hopper"Early Sunday Morning"(1930)

Edward Hopper (1882–1967) produced some of the most enduringly popular images in American art. Throughout his career, he created quiet, yet riveting pictures of ordinary people and places, which in his hands became dramatic scenes that express a sense of isolation, anomie, and the bittersweet comfort of being alone. His images of New York diners, movie palaces, apartments, and offices reflect urban life in America between the world wars; his light-filled watercolors of the New England coast and its architecture evoke the austere beauty of the region.

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