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The Lamp World(電燈の世界)

The Lamp World(Kenji Miyazawa)Edit

※Similarities work 宮沢賢治(Kenji Miyazawa) ?

1 詩「春と修羅」 (1 Poem"Spring and Shura")

詩集では制作日として「1922.4.8」という注記がある(賢治の場合、発表までの間に何度も書き直しを行う場合がほとんどであるため、第一稿を着想ないしは執筆した日付と考えられている)。また、タイトルに"mental sketch modified"という副題が付されている。なお、本詩集中の「青い槍の葉」「原体剣舞連」にも同じ副題が付いている。

※Easter therefore varies between 22 March and 25 April.

宮沢賢治『春と修羅 - 心象スケッチ』"Spring and Ashura - mental sketch modified"(1924.4.20)

2 詩集『春と修羅』(第一集) (2 Anthology Spring and Shura)

上記作品を含めた69編の作品と、「序」(これを作品と見なすと70編)からなる詩集。1922~23年に制作された作品が収録されている。 1924年4月20日、東京の関根書店から刊行。ただし事実上は賢治の自費出版である(実際の印刷は賢治の住んでいた花巻の印刷所で行われた)。正確なタイトルは『心象スケッチ 春と修羅』で、賢治自身は「詩集」と呼ばれることを好まなかった。


【電燈】でんとう(Lamp Effects)

Neon Egg

Blue light(Neon Egg)

宮沢賢治の「Spring and Ashura」(English.ver)

The Lamp World(hetu-phala)Edit

※Japanese Theory of 「春と修羅(Spring and Ashura)」


The Jump

Saṃsāra for a Resurrection?


I understand that the causal cause and effect, there is a good or bad idea by the deeds of previous life, the fate of the world is determined that the current living in the world of Buddhism. Then that "light is kept, it is Ushinau flashlight" that is, electric light will mean that the light is Spirit, the human body. Its thought that reborn spirit, even if body perish, perhaps it is a Buddhist.

2.3 因果応報


Idea that "good deeds will bring happiness, bad behavior brings misery," the chickens come home to roost and is a faith.


Is not limited to Buddhism, the concept itself "good deeds will bring happiness, bad behavior is unhappy," such as is found widely in the world. However, in Buddhism, is characterized in that such expressions are used while considering what happened in the (raw future) past life and the afterlife, or you can get up.


Widely in various concepts such as Brahmanism in India, I had the idea of ​​reincarnation and business originally. In other words, the circumstances of this world view of the world is determined by the action of past lives, afterlife is determined by the circumstances of the act in the real world, and that it has been repeated forever, is a view of life.

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