キノコ (mushroom)
Location FC House
Role None
Size Standard
Effect Reaction Cat- Is drawn towards Madotsuki.

Stoplight- Freezes in place when the stoplight is red.

Knife- Bleeds, screams, and dies.

Kinoko-san's ("Mr. Mushroom", 茸-さん) are mushroom like creatures found in two rooms in the FC House's basement (the room with the door leading to the room with the demon effect and in the room with the demon effect). These NPC's have different colors depending on their position.

One of the Kinoko-san's will block the door to the room with the Demon effect in it but will move after a few seconds. The same thing will happen when re-entering the room for the room with the demon, trapping the player for a few seconds.

Screenshot (9)

Kinoko-san in the basement-like room of the FC House.

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