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KIKIYAMA is the enigmatic creator of Yume Nikki. Very little is known about them, due to the scarcity of information regarding their identity and location.

For a very long time, it was thought to the English community that KIKIYAMA had no form of contact, as the website hasn't been updated since 2008, and the only mention of KIKIYAMA in public was a likely-apocryphal interview said to be from a Japanese website. It was then discovered through a thread on Uboachan that KIKIYAMA's email address was available in the readme of the original Japanese version of Yume Nikki. A member contacted KIKIYAMA and asked whether or not the game would get an update, and it was claimed that Yume Nikki would make it past version 0.10, albeit very slowly.

Following this, a link was posted on Uboachan to a MySound profile, theorized by fans to have been created by KIKIYAMA. Link here. The account was however removed, as the host site went down a few years back. It can be accessed in part using the Wayback Machine (

To this day, KIKIYAMA remains a mystery. Due to the long period of time since its last version release, Yume Nikki is not expected to be updated ever again.

Official WebsiteEdit

KIKIYAMAHP is KIKIYAMA's official website pertaining to Yume Nikki. It can be found here:

Contact Edit

There is a derelict e-mail address within the "readme" file of the game, which is hosted at their website. It is reported to be

However, although this address accepts mail, it is unlikely that KIKIYAMA continues to check it for mail.

Furthermore, take note that KIKIYAMA only knows Japanese and any e-mail that is written in English will be disregarded. KIKIYAMA has also been known to respond very infrequently and any response that is answered will be answered in a very short, straight-forward response. As with everyone, please be respectful when attempting to e-mail KIKIYAMA.

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