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KIKIYAMA is the creator of Yume Nikki.

For a very long time, it was thought to the English community that KIKIYAMA had no form of contact, as the website hasn't been updated, and the only mention of KIKIYAMA in public was a possibly apocryphal interview said to be from a Japanese website. However, a recent thread on Uboachan revealed that all this time, KIKIYAMA's email address was available. A member contacted KIKIYAMA and asked whether or not the game would get an update, and it was confirmed that Yume Nikki would make it past version 0.10, albeit very slowly.

Recently, a link was posted on Uboachan to a MySound profile and Pokebis thinks it's KIKIYAMA. Link here.

It seems like the account doesn't exist anymore, as the host site went down a few years back. It can be accessed in part using the Wayback Machine (

Fortunately, KIKIYAMA was not involved in the 2011 off-the-Pacific-coast-of-Tohoku earthquake , as KIKIYAMA was far away from the affected areas.

Official WebsiteEdit

KIKIYAMAHP is KIKIYAMA's official website pertaining to Yume Nikki. It can be found here:

Translated ChangelogEdit

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