Hell BGM

"Hell" is the name given to one of the largest areas in the game, also known as The Red Maze.

Point of InterestEdit

It is one of the most significant deeper locations in the dream world. Many routes from The Nexus will eventually lead here, allowing for many connections between remote areas. There are even some locations that are only reachable by finding its one entrance through this maze.

Entry to Hell is almost always achieved by locating one of the strange geometric NPCs that can be found in various 'dead end' passages deep inside certain original locations. Some Toriningen may also send Madotsuki into isolated spots between pathways here.

The navigational difficulties created by the intricacy of the maze are compounded by a number of lunatic Toriningen wandering the narrow passages. Many of the paths appear similar in shape to those elsewhere in the maze, which can be disorienting - even with the benefit of a map.

A similar area, known as Mini Hell can be found in The Bed Room of the Number World.


  • In previous versions of Yume Nikki, something resembling a funhouse mirror could be found on the upper portion of the map. This item gave Madotsuki the Fatten effect. This object was removed in version 0.10, and the Fatten effect is now found in The Docks. The mirror itself can still be found in the Debug Room, however.
  • In version 0.04, only the left half of Hell was present.
  • Additionally in older versions, all transportation methods used a purple gate
  • While Hell is not technically the largest area in the game, its maze-like structure makes it slower to explore than any other place.
  • The BGM is same as in the Graffiti World.