Location The Guillotine World
Role Gives Severed Head Effect Severed Head Egg
Size Standard
Effect Reaction Stoplight: Freezes


The Guillotine appears to have a laughing face. The upper part continously moves up and down as if beheading someone. The Severed Head Effect can be obtained by interacting with this Character.

The Guillotine can be found by going through the bleeding wall near the beds in the Number World.


  • Two Guillotines exist. One in the small and one in the big Guillotine World.
  • The codes of those two differ. While the one in the little Guillotine World has the usual "Call Event: This Event [1]" command (this command orders to perform the commands on the first event page) on its second page the other one in the big Guillotine World has the commands from Page 1 copied over which is unusual.
  • The Guillotine doesn't react to the Cat or the Knife Effect. Only the Stoplight Effect can be used to stop the animation.


Yume Nikki - How to get the Severed Head01:35

Yume Nikki - How to get the Severed Head

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