The Graffiti World (or Musical Tile World) is one of the 12 original locations accessible directly from The Nexus.
Graffiti World BGM

It is a large, openly-looping world with few solid obstacles, but the floor is covered with colorful tiles that look like graffiti artwork. Each of the different types of tile make a unique noise when stepped on. Together, the tiles make up a huge floor pattern, resembling a monkey and a face.

The Background hum that plays in the Graffiti World is the same one in Hell.


Parallax background in the Graffiti World

Points of InterestEdit

  • The Bicycle effect is found here, by interacting with the bicycle all the way to the east or west of the Nexus door.
  • The quickest route to the Mall is through here, by riding the purple elevator in the south east.
  • The women's Restroom, counterpart to the men's in the Block World, is at the end of a long string of tiles in the south.



  • In older versions of Yume Nikki, the layout of this world was more simple.[1]