虚ろ目のポンプっぽいの (Pumping creatures with empty eyes)
Location Footprint Path
Role None
Size Standard
Effect Reaction None
Notes interacting the button near them will change their faces


Goppa is a group of pump-like creatures that can be found in the Footprint Path 2. There are total 4 of them and each has a different color.


Footprint Path 2 Character

Pushing the Goppa's button

There are small buttons that are near by them, and pushing the buttons will cause the Goppa to react by making a disturbing face and violently spraying blood like a pump. These buttons may be a part of the Goppa's body.


  • Goppa probably have some similarity with the appearance of Onsen-san, as they all have a pipe that comes out from the right of their head.

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