The Goblins are found at the top of a long stairway in the basement of the FC House. The room in which they reside in resembles the front of a castle wall with clouds above it.

The goblins are blue-skinned creatures wearing red and green clothes. All of them carry swords and wear frowning expressions. There are four smaller goblins and one big goblin.


They move randomly through the room and ignore Madotsuki if she tries to interact with them. All display the standard reactions to the Cat and Stoplight effects. The little goblins display standard reactions to the Knife effect. Notable is that it takes five hits to kill the big goblin, and it has a fifty-fifty chance of producing 200 yen when killed.


Trivia Edit

The goblins have a similarity to the creatures in the Game Over screen from the game Bokosuka Wars. The music that plays in this room also has a similitarity to it.