幽霊の男性 (Ghostmen)
Location The Ghost World
Role None
Size Standard
Effect Reaction Cat: Drawn towards Madotsuki

Stoplight: Freezes
Knife: Moves away from player.


The Ghostmen are NPCs that appear in The Ghost World. There are three of them scattered around the map. Two of them are near the ends of the map while another is near the middle. They don't really do much except for roam around in the map.


Like most characters in Yume Nikki, it displays the standard reactions to the Cat, Stoplight, and Knife effects.

When the Cat effect is used, they are drawn towards Madotsuki, when the Knife is used, they flee away and scream when stabbed, and when the Stoplight is used they stop in place.


  • They highly resemble chromosomes, and they are in the Ghost World. This may or may not have significance.