There are a number of events that can be found in the dream world of Yume Nikki that stop the action of the game and show full-screen pictures, sometimes with music. Some of these events continue for a determined amount of time, whereas others must be dismissed by the player.

List of Full-screen Events Edit


Known as the Red King (jp:赤の王様 ) in Japanese, FACE appears when one exits the stairway which is accessed from the Number World. It is often associated with KyuuKyuu-kun and used as evidence by some fans to support the theory that Madotsuki has some kind of trauma involving penises. The interpretation of FACE being a penis head further expresses this. This animation cannot be skipped and continues for approximately ten seconds before Madotsuki awakens abruptly.

Monoko Edit

Monoko has a full-screen event in which a drawing of her bounces around the screen and changes size. A tribal sounding beat plays over this sequence.

Monoe Edit

Monoe has a full-screen event that occurs when the player interacts with her. A detailed close up of her fades in briefly as she vanishes, teleporting randomly to another position in the room.

Aztec Rave Monkey Edit

The most obscure is the "Aztec Rave Monkey" that appears when Madotsuki looks into a conspicuous hollow totem sculpture found in a certain area of the Wilderness. It shows the many iterations of a certain design repeated often throughout the game, that of an Aztec-style monkey-like image with four faces. A synth beat plays during this scene.

KALIMBA TV Channel Edit

Tv full screen

A still from the KALIMBA Channel

In Madotsuki's apartment in the dream world, it is possible to witness a full-screen event by interacting with the TV, with a 1/7 chance of seeing it every time the TV is switched on.

When the event has been activated, the TV sprite will show the face of one of the 'Kalimba creatures'. The screen then fades to black and two oppositely-scrolling rows of tribal African-stylized figures are shown. The figures appear to be armless humanoids with their heads tilted sideways and long, zigzagging tongues spilling from their mouths. During the event, a tribal/electro rhythm plays on a short loop. The name comes from both the background music track and the image files being labelled as 'KALIMBA' in the game's coding, after the instrument and artwork used in the event.

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