Frog Characters
Location Forest World
Role None
Size Medium
Effect Reaction none
Notes Interacting with them will stick their shadow on Madotsuki's head

Frog Characters (かえるキャラ, Kaeru Kyara) are NPCs that are drooling, ghost-like creatures whose essence 'sticks' to Madotsuki when she touches them in the Forest World. While they are named Frog Characters in their files, they do not actually resemble Frogs. There are two types of them: the first type has a pink outline, with white eyelids while vomiting maroon liquid, the second type has a purple outline, yellow eyelashes while vomiting green liquid. There are, in total, 12 Frog Characters in the Forest World, with 6 of each type.


Interacting with them directly will show their wiggling shadow sticking on Madotsuki's head, their shadow will follow Madotsuki anywhere in the Forest World unless she goes to another map.

They don't react with any of the effects because they are a part of the chipset background of the Forest World.


  • They are mostly known by fans as Namekuji.
  • They belong to the few NPCs named by their files in the game, due to being in the Picture folder.


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