蛙 (Kaeru, Frog)
Location Forest World

The Dense Woods B (Frog Path)

Role Gives Frog Effect Frog Egg
Size Small Frog
Effect Reaction Normal Reactions to Knife, Cat and Stoplight
Notes Two instances of the Frog exist.

The Frog is an Effect NPC that can be encountered in the Forest World and The Dense Woods B (Frog Path).


Interacting with a Frog the first time gives you the Frog effect. After receiving the effect, they ignore Madotsuki with the exception of their normal reactions to the Cat, Knife, and Stoplight effects.


  • The Frog effect, along with the Severed Head effect, can be acquired from two different locations (ergo the two Frogs).
  • The code of both frogs is exactly identical.
  • It isn't possible to get the frog effect twice. After interacting and getting the frog effect from one frog, the other frog will stop functioning as an effect giving NPC.
  • The frogs may give Madotsuki 100 yen when stabbed.


Yume Nikki - How to get the Frog00:56

Yume Nikki - How to get the Frog

Yume Nikki - How to get the Frog (Alternate method)01:10

Yume Nikki - How to get the Frog (Alternate method)

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