Face Carpet Plaza is a deeper location in the Forest World that connects to Hell. It is enclosed within a wall of large spikes, and the floor is decorated by pink and green animal faces that make noises when Madotsuki walks on them.

Face Carpet Plaza BGM

Points of InterestEdit

  • There is a Lunatic Toriningen here, whom the music 'Toriningen Beat' is named after. She is not very difficult to avoid.
  • Interacting with the Nenrikido is one of the many ways to reach Hell.


  • Forest World - Walk through the green columns in either the north or south of the room.


  • One of the spikes near the northwest corner of the map is blunt due to a graphical mistake.
  • The faces look like animal masks from either Aztec or African tribal cultures, one of the many examples of this kind of imagery in the game.


Face Carpet Plaza

Map of Face Carpet Plaza