Outside in the FC Field


The FC world (short for Famicom, the Japanese counterpart to the NES) is an area where the game's graphics change to resemble a 8-bit RPG. They contain both overworld areas and dungeons that are considered to be an homage to the game Mother. In the FC worlds the menu no longer fills the screen.
In some English translations of Yume Nikki, the game may crash when entering an FC world with all effects due to a misnamed file. To fix this, rename in the folder "Picture" to (with the superscript "2" character).

FC HouseEdit


A screenshot from the NES game Mother (EarthBound Beginnings).
Notice the resemblance to the FC Field

The FC house is accessed from the Static Maze in the Shield-folk World. The Demon effect can be found inside it. Staircases going up and right lead to a boss fight of sorts, as well as a dead end located in FC world A.

FC World AEdit


The entrance from The Teleport Maze.

FC World A can be accessed by talking to the creature in the Mall section of the Dense Woods. By solving the Teleport Maze, you will end up in a Wilderness area with a box that takes you to this FC world. This section of the World contains one house that takes you to an underground complex which called FC Dungeon that connects to the White Desert B. This dungeon contains the Glitch event.

FC World BEdit


The main area.

FC World B is accessed by talking to a certain Pirori, randomly selected each dream, in the Barracks Settlement. It contains a house with the Buyo Buyo effect inside. There's also a location with 6 pyramids with a FC Demon inside. The demon will teleport you to the FC house.

FC World CEdit


FC World C is unreachable without cheating; and refers to the large, inaccessible chain of islands to the east of the main FC worlds.


  • In previous versions of Yume Nikki, the music in these worlds were different, with different instruments but the same notes, with the exception of the FC House.
    • In version 0.06, only the Goblin boss music was different, with a slightly longer length and different instrumentation.


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