FC House
Basic Info
Effects Demon effect
Map Type

Multiple Maps, Normal

Events None
Notable NPCS

Walking Eye
FC Demon

Connecting Areas

Shield-Folk World
FC World A
FC World B (One Way arrive)


FC BGM_001
FC BGM_002
FC BGM_004
FC BGM_005

Chipset / Panorama


FC Field BGM
FC Demon's Room BGM
FC Basement BGM
Goblins BGM

The FC house is a part of the FC World location that accessed from the Static Maze in the Shield-folk World. It's normally the first FC World that most of the players will discover due to it is located near the Nexus' World. You first visit the FC Field that has lots of trees and a house, enter the house there has a stairway that leads you to the FC Basement which is a maze full with staircases and doors that can access some places.

Point of InterestEdit

  • The FC Field has a cute melody BGM unlike most of the minor or negative BGM in the game. Not only that, but it's also a full song, rather than a short loop.
  • Staircases going up and right lead to a boss fight of sorts, as well as a dead end located in FC World A.
  • The FC Demon's Room can be found in the deepest place under the FC Basement. Interacting with the FC Demon will give the player The Demon Effect. The FC Demon in FC World B teleports you back to this room.


  • FC World B - interact with the FC Demon in the pyramid
    • FC Demon's Room


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